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Engineering Materials

This section includes information on engineering materials, including ferrous alloys and non-ferrous alloys.
It includes relevant standards, compositions, material properties, and useful material notes.  The section also includes properties of solids, liquids and gases

Properties of Matter
Solids Liquids Gases Metals Basic Mat'l Science

Useful Notes
Shear/Tensile stress Hardness Notes Heat Treatment Mechanical Properties Temperature effects Material costs

Iron / Steel
BS970-Steels BS EN Steel Notes BS En Steel Data Iron-Steel Forms

Non Ferrous Metals
Copper Alloys Aluminium Alloys Titanium Nickel Alloys

Plastic, Rubber, Wood, Ceramics, Glass and Concrete
Rubber/Plastics Wood      .Timber-design Ceramics Glass Concrete Composites

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Links providing relevant information
  1. Design-Bites... .... Clear, informative, concise downloadable guides on materials (for a reasonable fee)
  2. Substech.com.. A site provide lots of information on material properties including composites

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